Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SetCronJob is updated

Hello all,

I've just rewritten SetCronJob code base with a new framework. There are some minor changes, while most core features and settings are kept intact. If you encounter any problem, please try reload the page (hit Ctrl - F5), or contact me if that doesn't work.

New cronjob editing form

New cronjob editing form
I simplified and categorized all the fields into subsections demonstrating how SetCronJob works: Basic settings (cronjob URL and time settings), Connect to your server, Send HTTP request (HTTP method and post data), Detect failure and notify you, Name and group, and Advanced settings (just for me doing some special stuff with specified cronjobs).

One address (contact information) for one account

Since I don't see the actual needs with multiple addresses, I just simplified it. You can update your contact information at Account > Update info. The contact information will be included in the PDF invoice too.

URL parameter in API requests is deprecated

Now you should only send POST (recommended) or GET request directly to our API functions e.g. like this******
The URL parameters e.g.******
will not be supported. For backward compatibility, it will be redirected to GET requests.

Updated pricing and plans

Currently I've only increased the max execution logs for Platinum and Diamond plans. More good changes will be coming soon :-)

Help center is coming

I removed the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, and added the Help Center at If you have any question, just ask me, and if it's a common problem, I'll add it to the Help Center.