Monday, December 26, 2016

SetCronJob Billing Update


We're working on revising SetCronJob system, and there will be more changes coming soon.

Make one-time payment via FastSpring

When you upgrade/renew your account, we only accepted PayPal payment. PayPal has a limited list of supported countries, so we've just added FastSpring payment gateway. They'll process payments from many more countries, as well as support other payment methods like credit/debit card, Amazon payment, wire transfer, etc.

To make a one time payment via FastSpring, visit Account > Payments, click Make a one-time payment.
Enter your desired amount to pay
After entering your desired amount, click Make a payment, and you'll be redirected to FastSpring to complete your payment. The payment will be reviewed manually before processed. The credit will be applied to your account balance, that you can use to upgrade/renew your plan directly.

Update your plan directly

You can now update your plan directly using remaining credit and account balance. No extra payment required. This will be handy in case you want to change your plan after upgraded.

You will need to cancel your current PayPal subscription first (at Account > Payments); then visit Account > Plans, click Subscribe on desired plan, and select Update plan directly.
Click Update plan to change your plan
If you have any question or feature suggestion, please feel free to email me.