Monday, November 26, 2018

Team Plan - Multiple User per Account

If you are working in a team or company and want to share your account with your colleagues, you can now upgrade to Team Plan.

To convert your account to Team plan, log in to SetCronJob, visit the Account tab, check the box Team support at the current plan (starred), then click Select, and click Update plan directly.
Add Team support to your plan
The current price for Team support is $4, $10 and $20 for Gold, Platinum and Diamond account respectively. So standard Gold accounts are at $20 / year, and Gold Team accounts are at $24 / year.

When your account plan is updated, you can add team member at Account > Members.
Add team member to your account
Your team member needs to sign up first at SetCronJob. They will have their own account, but they needn't pay, upgrade, or renew them to use your account.

Currently, all team members can access your account and cronjobs, including:
- Manage your cronjobs (including view, add, edit, delete, view logs, etc).
- View your account information (name, email, plan, payments, address, API token, etc).
- Make payment and change your account plan.
- Manage your account's contacts (email, slack, webhook URL).

However, they can NOT change your account name, email, password. Team member won't be able to see and update your account's members list either.

Only the account owner will be able to add (invite) or delete team members.

After your team members are added to your account, they can access your account by clicking their profile name (top right corner), then click Switch account.
Switch to shared accounts
They can click Access to enter your account and manage your cronjobs. Once they're done, they can switch back to their own account or just log out. The current working account is persistently stored, so one can only work on one account at a time, and they'll continue where they left off whenever they log in to SetCronJob again.

If you have any question, just discuss at our forum, or create a ticket.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Auto delete one-time cronjobs

Hello there,

Now you can save one API requests with our new feature: automatically delete one-time cronjobs after they executed.

First, create or edit a group and update the select box Automatically delete stopped (one-time) cronjobs after to the desired value. You may want to keep the executed cronjobs long enough so you can check its execution results later.
Auto delete one-time cronjobs
After that, just create all one-time cronjobs under that group, and that's it.

Once your one-time cronjobs executed, they'll be deleted automatically after the set time.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Multi-Datacenter High Availability for SetCronJob

Hello there,

After recent incidents with the datacenter SetCronJob hosted in, I decided to move all the main servers to another data center as well as work on multi-datacenter clustering.

The server transfer and multi-datacenter setup were completed without any service downtime. Now SetCronJob fully achieved high availability that can withstand whole datacenter outages.

The current setup will greatly improve our service reliability, and hopefully, I don't need to inform you about any downtime again ;-)

Sunday, May 27, 2018

View predicted/scheduled cron execution times

Hello all,

You can now view your cronjobs' scheduled/predicted execution times at Logs > Scheduled executions. We'll calculate minimum 10 executions, maximum 150 executions OR 1 day.

For example, a cronjob running daily, at random time (hour and minute) will have 10 scheduled executions as shown below:

A cronjob running every 10 minutes will have predicted executions as shown below:
The scheduled executions will be calculated every time you create, update, enable cronjobs. A scheduled execution will be removed each time your cronjob is executed.

It'll help you get a better understanding of your time settings.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Send cron execution results to webhook URLs

You can now send your cron execution results to a webhook URL, so you can process it automatically in your callback script.

It's available in Diamond account only, and you can add it similarly to adding emails/Slack IDs at Account > Contacts.
Add webhook URL at Account > Contacts.
Please note that the timeout limit for webhook calls is only 10 seconds, so it's recommended to just store the results and process them later.

The execution result structure is similar to result in Cronlog data structure, except that it has an extra field: id as cronjob's ID.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Two-Factor Authentication is supported

Hello there,

You can now protect your account better with our Two-Factor Authentication. When enabled, after logging in successfully with your email and password or with your social account, you'll need to enter another authentication code from your authenticator app.
Authentication code required before accessing your account.

To enable, visit Account > Overview, click Enable Two-Factor Authentication. You'll need to install an authenticator app first on your mobile phone or tablet. You can then scan the barcode displayed, and enter the authentication code generated by the app to confirm.

SetCronJob recommends Google Authenticator and Authy app.

To disable, visit Account > Overview, click Disable at Two-Factor Authentication section. You'll need to enter authentication code one last time to confirm. You may want to delete SetCronJob from your authenticator app too.

If you have any question, just let me know.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Referral Progam

Hello everyone,

I'm eager to announce our Referral Program that will reward bonus credit to both the referrers and their friends. When someone signs up using your referral code and made a payment, both of you will get 20% bonus credit of the payment after 30 days.

To sign up for Referral Program, just visit Account > Referrals, click Get my referral URL and share it with your friends.

For more information, please visit our Help Center.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Community and Feature Requests at Help Center

Hello there,

You can now log in to SetCronJob's Help Center using your SetCronJob account. Just click Sign in button in the top right corner at the Help Center.

I also enabled the Community where you can discuss questions regarding your cronjobs as well as request new features. You can vote on existing feature requests. The more votes a request get, the faster it'll be reviewed and implemented to SetCronJob.

If you need any help, just submit a ticket to our help center.