Saturday, May 13, 2017

Retrying failed cron executions

A new feature has been added for Platinum and Diamond account. SetCronJob now can automatically retry failed executions. To update your cronjob, click Edit, at the section Detect failure, retry and notify you, update Retry and Retry after values:
Retry settings
You can set it to retry up to 10 times, after 1 - 60 minutes after a failed execution.

When a cronjob fails, it'll be scheduled to rerun manually after X minutes, again and again until it's okay. This still counts in the total failures, so you should also increase the Failure threshold to a bigger value.

It helps in temporary problems (e.g. your website is down or unreachable in a few minutes) and retrying later can fix it. If your cronjob fails persistently, you should check and fix it yourself.