Sunday, November 24, 2013

Check cron output against a pattern

You can check your cronjob's output against a string or pattern now. If it matches the provided string/pattern, we'll send you a notification.
Notify you if your cronjob output contains fail, error, fatal or warning text.
To add a string or pattern to check, just Edit your cronjob, click More options and enter desired string. We supports:

Normal text
Enter anything you want e.g. for Fatal error, we'll notify you if your script prints out some text containing Fatal error. Please note that this is case-insensitive check, e.g. "fatal error", "Fatal Error" or "fAtAl ErRoR" are considered as match.

Regular expression
Its format is the same of PHP's preg_match pattern syntax (PCRE syntax). It must starts with / and ends with / (plus modifiers if any).
For example, with /fail|error|warning/i, we'll notify you if your script output contains fail, error or warning (the i modifier will make it case-insensitive check).

Negative check
Add a exclamation mark ! before the text or regular expression, we'll notify you if the script output does not match the text/pattern.
For example, !success will require SetCronJob notify you if the script output doesn't contain success.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below, or email us.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cronjobs every 30 seconds

Besides Minute, Hour, Day, Month, Weekday, we've just added a new time field: Second, with selectable values 0 and 30. With this new field, you can set up your cronjob to run every 30 seconds (twice a minute).

To make your cronjob execute twice a minute, just Edit your cronjob, then select When to call: Every 30 seconds.
Set cronjob to run every 30 seconds
You can also hit Details button and select desired Second values for your new and existing cronjob e.g. make your cronjob execute at midnight,second 30 if necessary.
Run cronjob at midnight, second 30 (00:00:30)
Cronjob every 30 seconds will run 2,880 times a day, so a Silver account can add 1 cronjob every 30 seconds, and a Gold account (with 7200 daily executions) can add 2 cronjobs every 30 seconds. We also offer bigger Gold plan with more daily cron executions, check it out at Billing > My Plans tab.

If you have any question or feature suggestion, feel free to comment below or contact us.