Sunday, May 21, 2023

New API functions, new group actions

 4 new API functions have been added to FastCron:

  • cron_batch_add to add multiple cronjobs at once.
  • cron_batch_edit to update multiple cronjobs at once.
  • cron_batch_delete to delete multiple cronjobs at once.
  • cron_group_edit to update multiple cronjobs in a group at once.

The new function documentation can be found here:

It's now recommended to use the API function in the format target_action e.g. cron_add instead of the old format cron.add. However, the old format will be maintained indefinitely for legacy uses.

3 new group actions have been added:

  • Edit cronjobs: to edit all cronjobs in a group at once
  • Delete cronjobs: delete all cronjobs in a group
  • Delete group & cronjobs: delete a group and its cronjobs.

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