Sunday, June 28, 2009

How to disable a cron job?

Simply click on Disable icon. Your cron job will be disabled, and no longer be executed.

For Unix/Linux users, you can simply edit your crontab file (using crontab -e), and add # at beginning of cron job line you wanna disable.

For example, you have this cron job:
*/5 * * * * lynx
And you wanna disable it. Change it into:
#*/5 * * * * lynx

Sunday, June 7, 2009

About SetCronJob

Cron jobs is a good feature in web hosting that allows you to call a URL periodically. It's so useful to back up your files, database, clear temporary files, etc.

Unfortunately, not all web hosting allow you to use cron jobs. Some will suspend your account if it takes too much server load and memory usage.

Go to Set Cron Job, and you'll have a good alternative for cron jobs, include many features:
- You can create 10 - 40 cron jobs
- Minimum interval: 5 minutes
- Simple, fast, easy to use control panel with one click to create, edit & save, delete cron jobs
- One click to change account type and renew cron jobs.
- Cron jobs will expire after one year.

It's also cheap:
- Free account was provided lifetime.
- Upgrade whenever you need more cron jobs.
- Starting price: $5/year

With free account:
- Create up to 5 cron jobs.
- Minimum interval: 10 minutes.
- Cron jobs will expire after 1 months.

Simply goes here: and register an account for free!