Sunday, March 20, 2022

SetCronJob March 2022 update

 Hello there,

You may notice that the web user interface at SetCronJob has changed. I have made multiple updates in both backend and frontend, mainly in upgrading our libraries/framework.

There will also be multiple changes from here on. Here is the list of changes you should know:

Compromised Passwords check

I've added another check when registering and changing your account password. It will ensure that your password is not included in any of the public data breaches tracked by haveibeenpwned. It won't send your raw passwords, only some first bytes of the hashed password will be checked.

Email confirmation is now required

I allowed unverified users to test our service before confirming their email addresses. However, it confused users; some even hadn't confirmed their email address before paying for our service, and they won't receive account notifications because of unverified email addresses. It also opens our service to be abused by spammers and fake registration.

Please note that disposable email addresses are not allowed, and will be blocked by our other service IsTempMail.

Social login supports only one Google account

Currently, you can log in to SetCronJob using multiple Facebook and Google accounts. After April 20, 2022, one user can only log in using a Google account. Facebook login is deprecated and will be removed. 

Gold Team accounts are not available.

If you want to add more team members, please upgrade your account to a Platinum or Diamond plan.

API functions server.* are deprecated

The functions server.time, server.timezones, and server.useragent are deprecated and will be removed after April 20, 2022. Please stop using them. If you need them for your use case, please let me know.

DNS Cache is now enabled globally

Our new PHP version supports IPv6 address caching, so I just enabled DNS cache by default. It removes the DNS lookup time and saves a lot of server resources, which makes the service more stable and reliable. When your domain name records change, please visit DNS Table to flush the cache record.

[ March 26 ] Group sorted alphabetically 

Groups are now sorted alphabetically. This applies to the cronjobs table, the cronjob search form, the cronjob edit form, and the team member form (Allowed groups).


If there's any new change, I'll post it on the SetCronJob blog.

Over the years, there have been many changes made to improve SetCronJob, but I didn't keep the blog updated. From now on, I'll try to make at least a monthly update post to this blog, so stay tuned.