Monday, July 11, 2022

SetCronJob July 2022 Update


Here are some changes and updates at SetCronJob in July 2022:

New servers are added

As announced a month ago, 6 new servers are processing your cronjobs right now. If you haven't added the new IP addresses to your firewall's whitelist, you should do it now.


Menu and forms and updated

I've replaced the Account menu with the My Profile menu and expanded all forms so you can now update your name, email and password much faster. Please note that the API token displayed is for your own account. If you want to get the API token to manage your team's cronjobs, please contact the account owner to get one.


Account deletion

You can now delete your own account completely. All data will be removed. It's not reversible. You will be able to register again using the same email address.


Team invitation

An invitation is sent to your new team member.

Previously, a team member must register their account first before they can be added to a team. Now the team owner/admins can just add a new email address, and they'll invite a new team member to join their team account. The new team member just needs to confirm their email, and they'll be authenticated and authorized to use the team account immediately.


Monthly subscription

You can now create a monthly subscription. It'll be 1/10 the price of a yearly subscription. At the Billing tab, click Monthly pricing and Choose this plan.

The remaining days will decrease if you switch from yearly to monthly billing.