Friday, December 1, 2017

Cron notifications to multiple emails and Slack channels

Hi there,

By default, SetCronJob only sends notification emails to your registered email address. From now on you can add more recipients for your cron notifications.

First, visit Account > Contacts to add your email or Slack incoming webhook URL.
Add contacts at Account > Contacts.
The targets must confirm to accept incoming cron notifications from SetCronJob.

Once a target is added and confirmed, you can update your groups to send all cron notifications to your contact(s). All cronjobs under that group will send their notifications to the contacts. You can add up to 3 different contacts per group.

To add and update a group contact, click Edit on a group and select desired contacts:
Select contacts when adding/editing groups.
When contacts are added to a group, you can see the icon next to group name like this:

Contacts icon in group headers.
You can hover over the icons to see the contacts name, or click on it to update contacts.

You can move your cronjobs into a group by editing it, at the section Name, group, and note, select desired Group value. You can also change when to get notifications for each cronjob by editing them, select a desired Notify me value, by default is Notify me: Only when cron is disabled because of failures.

This new feature is available in Platinum accounts and higher, and Slack is supported in Diamond account only.

If you have any suggestion or question, just comment below or contact us.