Sunday, April 15, 2012

Clone/Copy a cron job

Hi all,

Sometimes you'd like add more cronjobs with same settings (e.g. time interval, logging, notification setting) with old one.

For that purpose, I've just added Clone cronjob feature: you can create new cronjob with same settings from an old one.

3 steps to clone a cronjob
To clone a cronjob
1. Click on Clone icon on desired cronjob.
2. You're creating new cronjob with same settings. Edit time interval or cron URL as desired.
3. Save your new cronjob.

That's it!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

SetCronJob went 100% SSL!

Hi all,

Since March 18, 2012, SetCronJob went 100% SSL to protect your info better :-)
Now your login credentials, cronjob URLs will be securely sent to SetCronJob.

SetCronJob with green lock at address bar (Google Chrome browser)

You can read more about it at What is HTTPS - Why Secure a Web Site.

The website is now running at address
(an extra 's' after http).

When you visit the old address of SetCronJob, you'll be automatically redirected to secure version.

Best regards,
Nguyen An Thuan.