Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bulk cronjob operations are back!

UPDATED on Sep 14, 2013: Batch cronjob editing is now supported. See Bulk cronjob operations section below.

SetCronJob once supported batch cronjob operations last year, but when we upgraded it this feature was temporarily removed. Since there are many requests for this, we just added the feature again, with more improvements.

Cronjobs selection
You can select cronjobs one by one, or check the master check box to select/deselect all cronjobs at once.
Select all cronjobs
We also support selecting/deselecting all cronjobs under one group, this definitely helps a lot when you want to process or exclude some cronjobs in a group. Just hit check box at group name and it'll check/uncheck all cronjobs under that group.
Select all cronjobs under a group
Bulk cronjob operations
After selecting desired cronjobs, you can enable, disable, delete or run cronjobs manually. More operations may be added in the future.
Enable, disable, delete or run selected cronjobs
Bulk cronjobs editing:
Batch cronjob editing
You can also edit bulk cronjobs. SetCronJob supports changing time settings, timezone, notification and group. If you want to leave any setting unchanged, just select "Don't change". All changes will be applied to all selected cronjobs.

No JavaScript required
This feature works great even when JavaScript is disabled. It's recommended that you visit our website with a JavaScript-enabled browser, so the whole selection and group selection can work (those checkboxes will be added when JavaScript is enabled only).

It's also responsive, so it works in your mobile web browser too.

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