Thursday, July 2, 2009

Set cron job with a URL

In SetCronJob, URL to call must have this structure:
things in italic are optional.

- HTTP only.

HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, etc are not allowed.

- User name and password are supported.

If your URL require HTTP Authentication, simply add user:pass@ before domain name.

- All domain extensions are allowed.

You can add URL with, .net, .org,, ...,,, etc. There're some domain names restricted, such as,,, ...

- All ports are allowed.

Recommended ports are 80 (default), 8080 (HTTP Alternative), ...

- Must have either path or query.

It's often no need to set cron job with home page, e.g (home page but have query), (has path), (has path and query) are allowed.

- All file extensions are allowed.

You can set cron job with file.php, .asp, .aspx, .py, .pl, .cgi, .html, .html, etc

- Fragment will be trimmed.

If your URL end with #fragment, e.g, the #useless will be trimmed. The final URL will be As fragment is used only by browser, web server don't know what fragment is inserted, so it's no need to add #fragment to your URL.

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