Friday, April 1, 2022

SetCronJob April 2022 Update

Hello there,

I've made some updates to SetCronJob, and many more will come.

"Notification on executions" and "Notification every X failures" are deprecated

SetCronJob has stopped sending notifications on executions, and now we only have one option left:

Notify me when cron job starts failing

When you enable notifications, we'll send an email when your cronjob starts failing. Next consecutive failures won't trigger email notifications. If another email notification was triggered within 8 hours (e.g. your cron job is okay, then starts failing again), then we won't send the email and increase the failure sensitivity instead.

Cron output and URL are removed from emails

I have removed cron output and URL from notification emails. The output is user-generated and should not be trusted to be included in the email body.

Notification on output matched is updated

SetCronJob will no longer send notifications when your script output matched a pattern. Instead, the cronjob execution will be considered a failure.

Failed if contains text

Remove minimum cron interval limit and other feature limits

You can now set cronjobs to run every 30, 20, 10, or even 5 seconds, as long as it's still in your account daily cron execution limit. Customized HTTP headers, Single Instance, and cron logs graph/search are also now available in all account plans.


I'll update this blog post when there's some new update in April 2022.

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