Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Share your account with other users

Update on November 26, 2018: Since Team Plan is now supported, this feature will be deprecated.

If you're working in a team and would like your colleagues to log in to your account without sharing your email and password, you can generate a one-time login URL.

Just visit Account > One-time login URL, then click Generate one-time login URL. After confirming, you'll get an URL for anyone to log in to your account. It'll be valid within 24 hours, so you just need to send it to your friend or colleague to log in. Once the link is used, it'll be removed and no longer valid.
Generate an one-time login URL.
What they can do after logging in using that link:
- Manage your cronjob (including view, add, edit, delete, view logs, etc).
- View your account information (name, email, plan, payments, address, etc).
- Make payment and change your account plan.
- Any other actions as long as it doesn't require your current password.

Without your password:
- They can not change your password.
- They can not change your email address.

If your friend or colleague would like to log in to your account more frequently, tell them to connect their social network accounts such as Facebook or Google account, so they can log in later using them. To do so, visit AccountConnected social network accounts, click Connect Facebook or Connect Google.

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