Sunday, November 24, 2013

Check cron output against a pattern

You can check your cronjob's output against a string or pattern now. If it matches the provided string/pattern, we'll send you a notification.
Notify you if your cronjob output contains fail, error, fatal or warning text.
To add a string or pattern to check, just Edit your cronjob, click More options and enter desired string. We supports:

Normal text
Enter anything you want e.g. for Fatal error, we'll notify you if your script prints out some text containing Fatal error. Please note that this is case-insensitive check, e.g. "fatal error", "Fatal Error" or "fAtAl ErRoR" are considered as match.

Regular expression
Its format is the same of PHP's preg_match pattern syntax (PCRE syntax). It must starts with / and ends with / (plus modifiers if any).
For example, with /fail|error|warning/i, we'll notify you if your script output contains fail, error or warning (the i modifier will make it case-insensitive check).

Negative check
Add a exclamation mark ! before the text or regular expression, we'll notify you if the script output does not match the text/pattern.
For example, !success will require SetCronJob notify you if the script output doesn't contain success.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below, or email us.

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