Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Signup and login using social network accounts

As an Internet user, you should have at least one social network account e.g. Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter or LinkedIn account. From now on, you can use that social media account to register or login to SetCronJob.

One click sign up
To sign up for a SetCronJob account, hit your desired social network icon e.g. Facebook icon at the sign up form:
Sign up using your social media account
We only need your full name and email which is provided by most social network websites e.g. Facebook, Yahoo, Google. Some social media site like Twitter won't provide us your email according to their privacy policy, so you'll need to enter your email and confirm it.

Allow SetCronJob to access some data (we'll use only full name and email).

If you already have a SetCronJob account, we'll also look up the email provided and log you in to your account. For example, you already registered an account with email, then log in using your Facebook which has that same email address, we'll let you in and connect them.

When all details are provided (full name and email address), we'll create an account for you and log you in automatically. We also email the alternative login details (email and lengthy randomly-generated password) to your mail box.

One-click login
To log in, hit the social network icon on the login form:
Login using your social network account

Manage linked social accounts
 All linked social network accounts can be found at Account > Social accounts tab
Manage connected social network accounts
Here you can add more social network accounts to your current SetCronJob account. For example, I can freely log in to my SetCronJob account using my Google or LinkedIn account.

You can also disable some linked social account e.g. I don't want anyone to access my SetCronJob using a logged in Windows Live or Facebook account.

To remove a social network account, just unlink it.

We won't abuse your social network accounts!
The only details we need are just full name and email. We won't post to your social account e.g. Facebook timeline, tweet, status. We may access your friend list under your permission e.g. when you'd like to recommend SetCronJob to your friend; but this feature is not available now.

Your social network passwords are obviously protected by your social network websites, we don't have access to it.

If you have any question, just let us know.


  1. Why is "Manage your contacts" one of the requested permissions for the Google login?

  2. Hi Greg,

    We just use default library settings, so I guess it's there by default even we don't need/use it. I've just change some settings, and now it requires access to user profile and email only. See the screenshot added in the post.

    Hope this helps.