Friday, July 12, 2013

Easier time zone selection

Since May 2012, SetCronJob has supported custom timezone for each cronjob. Once set, your cronjob will be executed under that timezone. As we were using the tz database, the list of time zones is very long and hard to select e.g. there are 147 timezone names for America areas.

Therefore we decided to also support the short timezone list from GMT-12 to GMT+12 on top of tz names.
short timezone
This will let you select custom timezone faster and easier.

Please note that those timezones are fixed offset to GMT/UTC timezone, so it doesn't support DST.

Updated: Now you can search through the timezone list!
Time zone searching
Updated on Sep 10, 2013: Now we display timezone with their current time offset (with or without DST effect), e.g. America/New_York will be displayed as (UTC-04:00) America/New_York. We also sort the timezone list by their offsets.
Timezone offset