Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What is Resource Points at SetCronJob?

Hello all,

I've just added the Resource Points system recently. This system is mainly to stop abusers from using too much resources, which caused some (free) hosting provider blocked SetCronJob's IP.

What's the Resource Points?
Resource Points (RP) is an indicator for resource usage of each cron job. For example, a cron job every minute needs to be executed 5 times more than a cron job every 5 minutes, therefore a cron every minute will take a number of RP 5 times bigger than cron every 5 minutes'.

RP is also equivalent to price of cron too, e.g a cron job every 1 minute with no log requires 200 RP, so it cost $2 / year for one cron every minute (see How to get more Resource Points below).

How Resource Points are used?
Each active cron requires (occupy) a number of Resource Points, e.g cron every 5 minutes requires 40 RP. If there's not enough RP in your account, you will not be able to add more cron.

Existing Active cron will be executed without costing any point, regardless how many Resource Points are used or remaining. So, the total Resource Points is constant.

How many Resource Points will I get?
As stated at Prices page, FREE users will get 100 RP; Bronze, Silver and Gold will get 500, 1000 and 2000 RP respectively. It's enough to for most needs, but if you need more cron, see below.

How to get more Resource Points?
Premium users are able to add more Resource Points. Simply go to Control Panel and click Add more.

The price is $5 / 500 RP / year. The number of RP added will be scaled to fit your account lifetime, e.g if your account will expire next 6 months, you'll get 500 RP / 0.5 year = 1,000 RP.

Bronze accounts are recommended to upgrade to Silver instead of adding RP, as upgrading brings you best value :)

Some small changes
As well as adding Resource Points system, I've made some changes:
- All users can use Notification feature, but notification on execution are limited to 12 emails / day. Users are recommended to set Notify to Failure to get notified about failed execution(s).
- Log cron job output is now available for all account. Free users may enable Log cron job output with max timeout 3 seconds, ideal for most quick script, e.g my backing up script takes about 2.1 seconds :)
- Free users can set up cron with minimum interval is 10 minutes (instead of 5 minutes). This is to stop abusers too ;)

Most users are happy with my quick response, so if you have any question, feel free to email me :)

Best regards,
Nguyen An Thuan.