Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hello all,

The Christmas and new year are coming :) I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

As a gift to you in this Christmas, I'll give you a sweet offer: Gold account is now only $15 / year, and Diamond account is now only $20 / year. 

Upgrade your account now!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

How To Group Your Cron Jobs

With SetCronJob, you can create an unlimited number of cron jobs. So, manage them is a bit difficulty, although you can name a cron jobs.

When upgrading SetCronJob to version 4.0, I added Separator, a "blank" cron job with a name and no URL. You can use the separator to group your cron jobs:

- Create a separator with group name, e.g "Here are example.com cron jobs".

- Create all the cron jobs you need.

- Repeat these steps for other groups :)

Here is an example on how I group my cron jobs:

Group cron jobs

Saturday, December 19, 2009

How To Renew Your Cron Jobs For FREE

One of differences between previous version and version 4.0 is the expiry date. After that day, your cron jobs will expire and be deleted from your account.

So, how to renew your cron jobs? There are two ways, and all of them are FREE:

1. Edit and save your cron jobs.

When you save your cron jobs, the expiry date will be recalculated based on your account's limit.

For example, your account is Bronze, and your cron job is going to expire after 1 week.
After being edited and saved, your cron job will expire after 1 year (cron jobs every 5 minutes or more) or 3 months (cron jobs every minute or more).

2. Complete a survey.

You can complete a survey (which is totally FREE) and renew all of your cron jobs for 1 months. 

Hope this helps :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Your accounts have been moved!

Hello all,

The version 4.0 has been uploaded. Your account has been moved. You can now log in and check your account.

If you found something wrong, contact me as soon as possible.
Thank you for your interest in SetCronJob's service :)

Welcome to SetCronJob version 4.0!

SetCronJob version 4.0

I've decided to upgrade SetCronJob to version 4.0 with some changes. My customers had been invited to check the new version, and they were all happy with that version. Here are some changes:

- The pricing system has been changed.

Most of my users found the old version's prices are too complicated to understand, and they are a bit confused about my offers. So, a big change has been made.

I call those things are 'unlimited' packages, since you can create unlimited cron jobs, even with a free account.

- The Control Panel has been redesigned.

- You can now add separator to "group" your cron jobs.

- The Frequently Asked Questions has been created.

When will it be public?

Currently I'm doing some final steps. The new version is ready to online, and it will be public after next some days.

What will you do with current account?

I'll move all of the account to new version without any change on username, password, email, cron jobs settings and features, etc.

I'll convert the balance value to a premium account, according to this:

- Balance from $30: Diamond account in balance/30 years.

- Balance from $20: Gold account in balance/20 years.

- Balance from $10: Silver account in balance/10 years.

- Balance from $2.5: Bronze account in balance/5 years (at least 1 year).

- Balance from $1: Bronze account in 6 months.

- Balance from $0.5: Bronze account in 3 months.

- Balance from $0.05: Bronze account in 1 month.

- The rest: FREE account (never expire).

All of your cron jobs will be kept unchanged (include time setting, features, name, etc), and will expire after one year.

Users with balance<=0 will get a free account, too, but their cron jobs will be disabled. They must enable them manually.

I did pay for SetCronJob v3.0. Am I required to make payment again?

NO. You are not required to make any payment. The only changes are your cron jobs will expire after 1 years (plus 3 months - added when your account expire) instead of years :)

I would like to continue to use the current version. What to do?

I'm sorry, but I will not keep SetCronJob version 3.0.

If you have any question, let me know :)