Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Updated things at SetCronJob version 2.0

Big changes:

- The price has changed from per year to per usage: $0.00001 / cron job execution, or 100,000 cron job execution / $1. When registering an account, you'll get $0.01, or 1000 cron execution, enough to have a cron job daily in 3 years!

- You can now view output of your cron jobs. Currently, time out is 2 seconds, and max data length is 3KB.

- New *special* cron daemon has been added. This daemon (I believe) will solve the problem with unreachable URLs (this prblm may come from too many HTTP outgoing connections). It uses less HTTP resources, more MySQL queries, has reasonable time usage, and should be faster.

Small changes:

- User passwords will be encrypted. Lost password feature will allow you to reset password.

- Adding some images at Control Panel.

- You can create unlimited number of cron jobs with minimum interval is 5 minutes. There's no expire day.

- Cron jobs which fails 3 consecutive times will be disabled.

- You can pay an amout which is multiple of $1,  e.g1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,... dollars.


  1. Cool!
    Can I ask a feature? An email reminder when the number of available cron jobs is lower that 100?

    So that everyone remembers to pay the bill :)

  2. @Francesco: This feature has been added.
    Thank you for the suggestion.